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Over the past decade, Meta powered hundreds of engaging immersive projects for the world's most influential brands. The immersive industry's explosive growth birthed new opportunities and challenges for the community. Meta turned to Religion Studio to bring to market Unreality, the world's first platform built to serve those powering the experiential community.
Religion Studio led all aspects of product strategy, website design, and product management. We started with a 4-week discovery phase, where we conducted stakeholder interviews, audited Unreality's competition, created user personas, identified customer pain-points, stress-tested assumptions, and identified areas of differentiation. Together with the client, we prioritized three big takeaways from our discovery phase. First, creators wanted to showcase experiential projects on a digital platform uniquely. Second, producers and facilitators wanted to identify top talent in the market for collaboration and hiring purposes. Third, all personas wanted to discover inspiring experiential creators and creations.
Next, we wireframed a lightweight, minimum lovable product (MLP) focused on those three tenants and conducted walkthroughs and interviews, soliciting future users' feedback. Customer insights led us to a small set of golden paths, mapping users' intent with high-value outcomes. These key insights allowed us to finalize wireframes and move to high fidelity designs. Finally, _we led project management and QA efforts while working closely with a development partner. We launched the website into beta in December 2020 with hundreds of the world's most talented immersive creators. Religion Studio is currently monitoring user feedback and collecting behavioral insights through user interviews and analytics. Unreality is launching publicly in early 2021.
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Market Research, Product Vision and Roadmapping
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Website Design System + Style Guide
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Currently in Beta with top immersive talent
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